Schedule & Services

I am in Ottawa for the month of January

 🙂 Please note: I have recently hired an assistant to handle all of my first-time inquiries. I now have two lines 🙂

First time seeing me? 343-303-4262 or

Trusted Returning Guest? 613-219-2831 


Hello dear Noble, Charming and Generous Gentlemen 🙂

I pride myself on offering high quality service to high quality people. I believe that self-worth is sexy and that we should treat ourselves to the best life has to offer.

I am not your average Porn-style SP . . . Instead I enjoy providing high quality romantic experiences, replete with connection, sensuality, enjoyment, warmth and relaxation. I will tell you right away, if you are looking for a quick hit-and-run vulgar experience, I am NOT the lady for you.

I have had the opportunity to spend time with amazing gentlemen through this work. Doctors, Successful Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Secret Service, Pilots, Counter-Terrorism Officers, Architects, Artists, NHL/NFL/CFL athletes, CEO’s, Executives, Diplomats. . . etc etc. Undoubtedly, spending time with successful people is super exciting and enjoyable. . . and success begets success. I cherish being valued and appreciated, and truly seen for WHO I AM AS A SOUL, not just a beautiful feminine body. I also strive to provide the best and most professional and considerate High Quality Service in Ottawa.  One hour is the minimum for a session.

I also offer ‘healing’ services to gentlemen going through hard times such as: divorce, separation, loss of a spouse, grief, tumultuous stress from work and life, depression/anxiety, intimacy insecurities, loneliness etc. I am a very caring person with a large and understanding heart. So please don’t be shy to reach out if you feel you fall into one of these categories.

Sacred Sessions Offered

I always reserve the right to refuse any service if I feel my health is in danger. *Any financial exchange is for MY TIME; whatever occurs is between two consenting adults.*

These are my preferred donations for my time. Negotiations can be available for the right people and circumstances.

For Outcalls please add +$100.

Typically my preferred hours to work are 12pm-12am. Any requested appointment for before or after these hours may incur an extra fee.

Sessions can be combined; ‘create your own date’ if you wish!



Intro; Meet/Schmooze

Want to just meet me and chat? Cuddle or get a non-erotic massage? Or grab a meal or drink?

My social rate is $100/hr 

(You can also combine my social rate WITH sensual sessions afterwards and ‘create your own date’)

 Sacred Sexual Priestess Massage Experience

therapeutic massage finished with sensual body slides and release to your taste, optional shower for two (reverse massage ok)

Ottawa/Montreal $200hr, $300 90 mins,$400 2hours, $600 3hours

Toronto/Vancouver $260 hr, $400 90 mins, $500 2 hours, $700 3 hours

Take Me to Paris

 Full GFE Experience 
+ optional therapeutic massage *YMMV*Ottawa/Montreal $300hr, $450 90 mins, $600 2hours, $800 3hours

Toronto/Vancouver $400 hr, $600 90 mins, $800 2 hours, $900 3 hours

Paris and Greece

GFE + Greece + massage *YMMV*

Ottawa/Montreal $400 hr, $600 90 mins, $800 2hours, $1000 3hours

Toronto/Vancouver $500 hr, $700 90 mins, $900 2 hours, $1200 3hours


Wanting a longer time frame? Please inquire with me personally. I find bookings of 2-3 hours are ideal. If you want to stay longer I suggest adding dinner or a movie or a board game or shopping trip etc. 






TLC Spa Day

Accompany me for a day at the spa, including:

  • lunch and dinners together
  • appointments you wish to make (massage, body wraps etc)
  • up to 8 hours relaxing together

Ottawa/Montreal $600

Toronto/Vancouver $800

(you provide meals and appointments)

Add intimacy on at the end of our day together for an additional $200.

Night on The Town

Fine Feminine Companionship to your event/conference/dinner date/drinks at a bar, night at the movies, concert etc. . . (Elegant professional attire is guaranteed)


Intimacy back at your hotel or my condo

(we can also order delivery if you are keen to eat in private)

(up to 3 hrs)

Ottawa/Montreal $600

Toronto/Vancouver $800

(4 hrs)

Ottawa/Montreal  $800

Toronto/Vancouver $1000

Optional: Followed by overnight (only if I feel at ease and we are compatible to sleep comfortably) for additional $1000

(Dinner/drinks are provided by you. A deposit may be necessary if you wish me to get my hair and makeup professionally done for your special event. A travel expense may be incurred.

 Pretty Woman

(Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver)

This one is my favourite 😉 For the (almost extinct) Richard Gere type who loves to spoil and pamper his lovely lady.

Includes the ‘Night on the Town’

Preceded by:

  • a shopping trip for a new outfit/shoes/handbag (and perhaps lingerie for later?) for me to wear as I accompany you to your special event
  • professional hair and make-up appointments
  • appropriate lunch/snack/tea/drinks

Price will vary depending on your preferred budget. (Estimated $1400-$2500)

(Approximately 6 hours together: $1000 for me and shopping budget of $400-$1500. An overnight will also be possible if we get along really well for additional $1000.)

*A travel expense may be incurred  and a deposit will be required.

Domestic and International Travel or Fly Me To You

I can be available to travel within Canada and to vacation destinations, or to accompany you on travel for your work. (Just not to the USA.) This is generally best agreed upon after we have met, know we have a good rapport, and you know you would love to have me around for a few days or weeks. I would expect $1000/day for me, in addition to having all travel expenses and accommodations covered. If you are interested in this option, I highly suggest we meet in person first. Please note this is for a 5 day minimum. Under 5 days it would be $2000/day. Or a personally negotiated agreement between us.

Overnight (8-10 hrs)

Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver

$1500 (your place or mine)

*you must book an individual session with me before I agree to an overnight. This is to ensure comfort, compatibility and safety.

*A travel expense may be incurred and a deposit will be required.

Full Day 24 hours

Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto Vancouver

$2000 (if more than 5 days then $1000/day)

Relationship/Love Coaching

Relationship/ Love Coaching

Please see separate tab on far right for info. 

The Superior Man

(Women, Love and Sex Intensive)

This is a coaching intensive with 2 hours of conversation about your dating history, lessons in love, and clarification of your goals, intentions and action plan for your ideal future sex and love life. 

How can we ensure you no longer make the same mistakes? How can we ensure you are clear about the lessons you have been meant to learn so you can graduate onto the next phase of your life and create your perfect relationship?

This session also includes 1 hour of body work/intimacy (optional)

Intensive only: $350

Intensive +intimacy: $600

RESTRICTIONS: no dfk or intimate experiences in massage appointment, no cim, no unsafe full service, all of the above is health and hygiene permitting (YMMV)

No PORN STAR experience, No domination services, No Dirty Talk, No Extreme Fetishes (most light fetishes okay). NO group shows/bachelor parties. No couples. No photos or videos. No intoxicated people or drugs.

(I am a caring, nurturing and sensitive feminine woman and am not really comfortable with the darker and more vulgar sides of this industry. My style is relaxed, sensual, serene and ‘healing’. I enjoy adding positive and loving energy to your life.)

*** I do accept clients who request discounted rates from time to time. If you know I am the lady you would like to see but my rates are too high for you, you can apply here. I do understand hard times! And I am not completely money driven. I DO do this to support others’ wellbeing.

Please respect that I will only accept those clients who I feel will benefit from my time, and I will not see any client who is just trying to get a better deal and doesn’t really respect me.

Hour+ appts include coffee/tea, juice, still or sparkling water, or alcoholic beverage of your choice (usually beer or wine), or you can bring your own for us to share 🙂

Screen shot 2016-01-02 at 5.44.14 PM

Outcalls are mostly to high end hotels and you must call me from your room so I can ensure you are actually there. Outcalls to your home are available once we already know each other and have established trust. Or if you send a deposit in advance.

Screen shot 2016-01-02 at 5.46.05 PM


I accept SD’s providing you wish to provide $2,000-$10,000/month. Terms are negotiable. This includes, regular dates, talking and texting, regular contact and getting to know each other on a much deeper level.

Screen shot 2016-01-02 at 5.47.22 PM

*I am happy to answer any of your questions pertaining to the above services via phone, email or text*

***All money exchanged is for my time and companionship only. All further details take place between two consenting mature adults ***

From my experience so far I would say that I most enjoy working with gentlemen who:

      1. are divorced/separated and require care and comfort
      2. are experiencing the loss of a spouse and require comfort and nurturing
      3. suffer from genuine loneliness and cannot find the right partner
      4. are in relationships that no longer provide the intimacy they desire
      5. long for companionship, conversation and sparkle back in their lives
      6. are focused on their careers and unable to maintain a committed relationship

*** Please note that I do not encourage or promote infidelity if you are currently in a committed relationship or marriage. Please advise that it will be on your conscience if you do anything you may regret, and I do not wish to contribute any negativity to your life. I offer talking only sessions if you are unsure, nervous or confused ***

I look forward to hearing from you. Send me an email to or call/text 343-303-4262. 

Respectful Etiquette: Please confirm your appointment at least an hour before your arrival. If you do not do this I will not hold your appointment for you. Appointments will not be taken from Blocked or Unknown numbers. Please have your donation ready upon arrival, it is always polite to pay before we start our session. Of course if you are not happy with what you see in me you are free to leave free of charge. Unless I have travelled to see you, I will expect you to at least pay for my taxi expense. It’s not often that a gentleman does not like me physically, but it does happen (about 2% have been dissatisfied), so please be polite if I turn out not to be your taste.

Screen shot 2016-01-02 at 5.51.10 PM

***All of your donations go toward supporting me in becoming a professionally certified relationship therapist/coach and help me immensely in meeting my future goals so THANK YOU for choosing me. ***

May I be a blessing on your life, Klara