Loyalty Benefits

New for 2020

I am launching Klara’s Loyal Suitors Benefits Program! 


Entry consists of the following:  

1) $100 donation towards my ‘Photography Fund’ (3-4x a year):

To ensure I can afford seasonal new photos and/or professional video! $100 initially upon joining. I will then inform you of all my upcoming shoots and expect your contribution. This will greatly lessen my stress around expensive photoshoots which usually end up costing me $2500-$3000 each time (photographer, new outfits, venue, hair and make-up, transportation.)


2)  Once a Year Gift

a) $100 Gift Certificate: (Body Shop, Marciano, Victoria Secret, Whole Foods, Uber, PetSmart)


b) Gift of my personal choosing; whatever I may be requiring at the time of you joining. (Examples: pet food and cat litter, candles and men’s body wash, or some other random thing equalling around $100 in value.)


You will then receive a CHOICE of how to use your benefits of being my Loyal Suitor 🙂 


Option A- Discounted Sessions

$50 off hourly

$100 off 2 hours or more

$500 off overnight and full days

AS WELL AS ACCESS TO 45 MINUTE GFE SESSIONS at $250 (which are otherwise not available)


Option B- Complimentary Upgrades

i) receive every second session at 90 minutes

ii) receive every third session at 2 hours

iii) receive an additional social hour with a minimum of 90 minute booking

iv) NO EXTRA OUTCALL FEE (can be used only once a month)


Option C- Track your sessions to receive FREE sessions!

  1. receive a 3-hour dinner date (6 session requirement)
  2. receive a 4-hour dinner date (8 session requirement)
  3. receive an overnight at $500 or a full 24 hr day at $1000  (10 session requirement)
  4. Receive an hour DUO with another provider of your choice (where you would only pay her rate.) (4 session requirement)

Session Tracking can be done discreetly. Please let me know your preferred way for me to do that. 


Option D- Take me on Vacation!  

  • only redeemable ONCE A YEAR
  • trip date and location would need to be pre-approved by me
  • all my travel and accommodation expenses would need to be covered but I will offer my time at half price! (which is only $500 a day for trips over 5 days in length.)
  • Obviously we would both need to feel compatible to spend lots of time together
  • I’d expect a minimum of 4 hours a day of private time just for me

If you guys have any other ideas for how to make this Loyalty Program exciting and fun, please feel free to let me know your suggestions 🙂 


TO JOIN simply send me an e-mail with your request, or if you are already a regular guest of mine just let me know via text 😉


Why did I create this program? Because the average salary of Ottawa civil servants is only 50-80k or so. Many Ottawa residents cannot afford my normal rates. This gives these gentlemen a chance to benefit from lower rates if they are keen on  seeing me regularly. It also gives perks/incentives for my other frequent guests to enjoy when they have already been loyal to me for years. For most, multi-hour and dinner dates are very out of reach price wise. This way if you join my loyalty program, you can be gifted one! I hope this new promotion will suit some of you well and that you’ll enjoy the benefits! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Thanks very much,  Klara