FAQ & Gifts

Where am I located? 

I am located in the business district just blocks from the Delta and Marriott (Kent) Hotels. Exact details are given to those who book appointments, and I do not reveal my exact location until you arrive at my intersection. This is for my privacy, in case of no shows or last minute cancellations.

Do I offer discounted rates? 

Yes but by application only. You can apply here.

What is your cancellation policy?

50% if less than 24 hours notice. If you cancel last minute and do not pay a cancellation fee you will not have further booking privileges.

Do I need to book in advance?

My schedule is very unpredictable but it is always preferable if you book in advance. I cannot ever guarantee last minute appointments.

Do I offer duos?

I can offer duos if you do not expect me to act bisexual (because I’m not.)

Do I prefer incall or outcall? 

I prefer incall. I feel safer and it allows me to conserve my energy better. I do offer outcalls but only to quality hotels and for minimum of one hour $400 charge. I require advanced booking for outcalls.

Can I book a coaching session at the same time as a physical services session?

Preferably I keep these two aspects separate. If someone is serious about coaching and improving their life, the purpose of the session is too different from the goal of a physical session. I don’t mind doing an intro session with you to explain what coaching is and to talk about your unique situation along with a physical service, but beyond that I would prefer to keep them separate.

Do I see gentlemen of all races?

Yes I do. What matters to me is quality, professionalism, respect, hygiene and mutual appreciation.

Do I need to bring anything with me? 

No, just yourself, your donation, and preferably you will be clean and showered. If not though, no worries, you may shower at my place before we begin. If you are an outstanding gentleman you could bring a bottle of wine for us to share, or perhaps some chocolates or roses.

What is your review policy?

I am not a supporter of the culture that review boards create. I believe all women are goddesses and should be treated as such. However good reviews do help my business, so if you would like to leave a review of me please just ask my permission first and send it to me for approval before posting it. Thank you!

What is my Gift List?

(if you would like to bring me a gift)

1. Favourite wine: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or French champagne

2. Roses; red, pink or lavender. I also love lillies.


3. Chocolates; I prefer dark. My favourite chocolates: http://www.luluschocolatelove.com/home

I also love Lindt, Godiva, and any box of assorted chocolates

Screen shot 2016-06-18 at 8.55.36 PM

4. Gift certificates: Victoria Secret, Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette, Marciano, Nordstrom, Uber, Whole Foods, Amazon

5. Favourite perfumes: Princesse Marina de Bourbon from Paris (available online.) As well as anything Chanel, Dior or Michael Kors.

6. Additional Financial Contribution; please let me know if you would like me to treat myself to anything in particular.

7. Support our Collective! Donations for our emergency fund are always being accepted. This fund goes to service providers who may be in dire need of food, clothing, housing etc.


Thank you <3 Klara