A Vision For Change in the Dating World; From Ego to Authenticity

Partly why the s*x industry is so busy and needed is because so many of us have been burned and hurt. I know that personally this reality influenced my decision to start this business. My last boyfriend had cheated, strayed, betrayed my trust, undervalued and under-appreciated me. I was very much at a point of no return. I was hurt and I was done with being hurt.

I was also scarred with a tarnished view of men; that they were all cheaters and manipulators. Of course this isn’t true; but after experiencing a betrayal, the intensity of emotion can certainly temporarily convince us that’s it’s true of ALL men or ALL women.

So you get hurt. You are damaged. You feel ‘not good enough’. You feel taken advantage of. Discarded. Replaceable. And an assortment of other negative emotions and feelings.

The journey to understanding your experience can be long and perilous. And for those who don’t seek the support of a therapist or other healing professional; can really flounder in their search for answers. Finding the gold in our painful experiences is an essential and groundbreaking skill to develop. There is ALWAYS something to learn.

But most people don’t know this. They decide people are evil and selfish and out to get them; or that no one will ever love them. That they don’t have enough money, or a nice enough car, or a good enough career bla bla bla and all the reasons they are insufficient for love.

And so the story goes on and on and on. . . until one day. . . you encounter something or someone that begins to change your beliefs. It could be a book, a TV show, a documentary, a person, a biography. . . An array of possibilities. Somehow you start to realize that you actually have power over the experiences in your life if you take a different vantage point.


Even if someone DIES or LEAVES YOU or TAKES YOUR CHILDREN or whatever the horror may be. . . The enlightened way is always UP AND ABOVE the experience. Rise above it for a moment. Recognize you are still alive and whole in your body. It’s a circumstance and it may be difficult but it doesn’t need to RUIN YOUR LIFE.

And so what I see out there currently is a bunch of people operating from a victim consciousness, wounded and hurt from their past experiences. Not believing that better is possible and waiting for them on the other side of their sulking.

And so it’s easier to never invest in a relationship again. It’s easier to just sit it out. Date a bunch of random people and treat them like crap, tell them lies and do whatever you need to do to keep them around but not get too attached.

I say F that.

I say what about focusing on healing yourself? Reading some books on relationships and spirituality? Or taking an online course or going to a seminar. WHY MUST YOU TRANSFER YOUR PAIN ONTO OTHERS? This is tragic and unnecessary.

So this was part of my vision for starting HealingKlara. That I would make myself available to be here for people who are desperately trying to find their way out of dating and marriage disasters. Or suffering from loneliness. Or in careers that were too demanding. I would be a presence of love and affection here for them. Ready to listen. Ready to be present. And ready to show them that love , courage, honesty and authenticity is not going extinct.

It still exists yet it is rare.

I am taking a stand for the death of the ego in dating and relating.

Don’t date because you want to TAKE from others. Date because you want to GIVE to others. Because you yourself feel so wonderful and whole that the only thing you want to do is share your love, light and connection.

Get over your insufficiencies and insecurities.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Pick Yourself Up and decide to learn from your experience.

To be made better by it.

Let the darkness fuel your ascension into the light.

Believe in Love Again. Stop giving up on yourself.

Realize who you are and what you are here to do.

Stop playing the old story through and through; all the reasons why it won’t work or you can’t or it’ll never happen. Learn about reprogramming your mind and beliefs and sober yourself from toxic thinking.

Let me emphasize that I realize this process is not always easy, fun and enjoyable. I can assure you it’s not. But it is the only way through to get to the other side. You must face your fears, darkness and blocks to experience what lies beyond them.

There is beauty in authentic relating. People are STARVING for honesty and truth. People are longing to be valued and appreciated. Don’t contribute another second to the pain that is keeping you stuck.

Find your way out! I am telling you it is possible. But you have to commit to doing your learning.


I believe in love, I believe in community, I believe in helping one another. And I have a mission to help as many men as I can, experience their wholeness, their power, their brilliance, their success and their happiness.

There shouldn’t be any settling for less. We all deserve better.

So DITCH THE EGOIC dating and embrace a path of love, of generosity, and of authenticity, fueled by spirit and the nobility within you.

Be authentic in sharing your Truth;  you are an empowered masculine man with so much to give any woman bold enough to return the affection.


Much love, Klara