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Men, here’s one thing I know about us:

We think we can figure out and do everything on our own.

As a man, myself, I’d even suggest we’re pretty good at pulling it off, too … until an important relationship blows up in our face or we find ourselves struggling with money or some other crisis knocks us sideways and we’re forced to confront confusion, despair and hopelessness.

Did you know that white, middle-aged men are the highest risk demographic for suicide in USA?

Yeah, the most privileged person in our society, the one who eventually gets everything he thinks will make him happy, is the one most likely to kill himself.

Wanna know why?

Because all those things he was taught would make him happy … DON’T.

Do you still have hope that something outside of you will eventually “work” … the right amount of money or success, the right partner or your current partner if she (he) would only be happier or easier already?

Whether or not you achieve these things, if you work to do it all by yourself, you risk growing increasingly frustrated and isolated until you’re left with such profound dissatisfaction with life that death sometimes seems a reasonable escape (and if not your death, then someone else’s!).

I know that’s the extreme case.

Still, you will eventually learn that nothing outside of you can ever fulfill you for long.

Until you do, you’ll continue using money, work, sports, alcohol, porn, sex, whatever … to distract yourself from the angst of not having it all figured out yet, of not “making it.”

And one day, you will face this difficult question:

“How do I keep showing up and doing life – work, relationship, striving, breathing – when all my endless efforting never seems to create “good enough” or any lasting peace of mind?”

Men, the tragic irony of it all is your mind, programmed to go it alone, will drive everything you truly care about into the ground, simply out of defiance of letting others offer authentic support.

I know, because I’ve done it. I’ve insisted I can figure shit out and refused to be too vulnerable, and the end result has so often been a shit-show, whether a financial one or a relationship one.

Your heart knows you’re not supposed to figure life out alone, not the most important things like intimacy, love, and your true purpose!

Your heart knows the profound power unleashed by your willingness to be vulnerable.

Men, this is what I’m offering you in The New Masculine Program, 6-week live online course this October:

A deep-dive adventure of true masculine heart-work in partnership with other thoughtful men.

We’re going to explore confidence, sex, love, money and purpose in the domain of authentic masculine being.

It is your destiny to own and express your delicious inner masculine power (whatever your sexual orientation) in every domain of your life.

Life will keep fucking with you until you learn!

But you don’t have to go on this journey alone.

Join me and other thoughtful men (and two bad-ass women, including author Marianne Williamson) on your journey deeper into masculine mastery.

Join us in the New Masculine Program.

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