What Do I Mean by Healing?

What Do I mean by Healing?


Healing is the restoration of your body, mind and soul to its rightful natural state of; love, calm, serenity, abundance and vitality, grounded in your power and truth.

People these days are stressed; worn out, exhausted, depleted and drained. No one has energy to tend to their most important relationships (especially when both parents work and there are kids involved.) Add to that a divorce ,a re-marriage, conflict with the ex and aging parents. . .

Well no one is experiencing the base level of support they require. We all need love, support, encouragement and inspiration on a daily basis to thrive.

Other stressful occurrences that add to the mix: losing a loved one, falling out with a good friend, a partner being sick, children struggling, lack of fulfillment in the work place, lack of money, family conflict, stress in school or employment. . . etc

If you look only for evidence of all this negativity- that is what you will find. The key is in re-programming your mind and finding a higher perspective. Changing your thoughts, your belief systems, your energy, your habits, your actions = a change in results

You need to figure out how to work on your own behalf, rather than working against yourself. (Which we have mostly all been programmed to do naturally.) But this is an inner psychological training similar to a runner who may be training for a marathon. Many people are just too lazy to even start.


But if you just give it a chance, start implementing small changes in your lifestyle, start developing new habits and ways of being; you CAN change your life to a healthier, happier, more successful version of your TRUE self!

Healing is integrative and multi-faceted. But without it you will keep struggling with the same challenges. It’s your choice to try something new or just keep doing more of the same.

So how does all this involve coming to see me?

Well this is the approach I take in my sessions. Whether it is a coaching session or a massage session; I try to offer whatever it is that you’re specifically requiring to experience a release from what is stressing you. And yes gentlemen; sometimes you require MORE than simply a physical experience.

I totally understand that some of you are not interested in looking more deeply into yourself; and you’re just look for a fun physical experience (and that’s fine.) Just know that my specific gifts and talents lie in addressing the deeper underlying issues of what is truly depleting a man from experiencing his true power.

Coming to see a woman such as myself used to be regarded as a ‘sacred experience’ and I believe it should still be so. A woman who is magnetic because she is activated in her Truth, her Beauty, her Soul’s Essence, her Femininity and her Sensuality is NOURISHMENT for a man. It is rejuvenating and vitally restorative (at least it should be), and this is what I try my best to offer my clients.

It’s unfortunate this industry is so full of disempowered women, not standing in their worth or their beauty. Because it is programming society to view sex and sensuality as disposable and commodifying the sacredness of intimacy.

I stand for Healing.

Body, Mind and Soul

And I am not a shallow woman.

I make myself available to the right men who are craving more fulfillment, energy, strength and meaning in their lives.

I strive to remind every man that he is worthy of love, respect and support so he can be

TRIUMPHANT in his life.

<3 Klara